We are proud to partner with these organizations. Each of them helps to support and share the message of safe lithium-ion battery recycling in their own way, from providing fit-for-purpose recycling collection bins to hosting community education fairs and battery drives.


As the nation’s largest, most reliable battery recycling program. Call2Recycle works with us to supply the best available information and resources on safe battery recycling.

Recycle My Battery

Joining forces with schools, businesses, and communities, Recycle My Battery raises awareness and engagement and shares information on safe battery disposal and battery recycling. 

Southside Blooms

The same rechargeable batteries that power electronics also allow solar panels to store energy. Southside Blooms revitalizes vacant lots into solar-powered urban farms that create jobs for at-risk youth in Chicago’s South Side.

Tech Fest Live

Founded in 2019, Tech Fest Live is a Houston-based nonprofit organization that connects youth with educational technology opportunities and organizes expos and community programs for students.

* If you are interested in partnering with the Electrochemical Safety Research Institute on the Be Nice To Your Device campaign, please contact us.