From smartphones and watches to Bluetooth headphones and laptops, lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries supply power to the devices we rely on every day. They’re also making a fossil fuel society a real possibility by powering electric vehicles, storing renewable energy, and building smarter, more connected cities.

Why don’t people do more to safely recycle their devices? Many people don’t realize just how easy it is to safely recycle rechargeable batteries. These quick and simple tools can help you spread the word.

Resources for educators

While it may sound like a snooze at first, rechargeable Li-ion batteries actually open up a world of relevant learning opportunities for young people. If you’re interested in helping your students learn more about the sustainability benefits of Li-ion batteries and the critical importance of using them responsibly and recycling them safely, here are some places to get started.

Extraction to E-waste

Learn about the lifecycle of Li-ion batteries and the their role in circular economies.

The Science of
Thermal Runaway

Explore how and why Li-ion batteries can catch fire.

Closing the Loop

How can we engage students in making an impact through circular economies?

Scavenger Hunt

Help students become familiar with Li-ion powered gadgets they see and use every day.

Getting Started with Electrochemical Safety

Find more information to start learning about Li-ion batteries and safe and reliable energy storage.

A New Circular Vision
for Electronics

Read data and research from World Economic Forum and the United Nations making the case for a new vision for electronics, in support of sustainability.